Services Offered

At Get A Maid web portal sewa we focus on delivering the best of the best domestic help to your home and ensuring a comfortable experience for you in terms of cleaning, washing and other domestic chores. We provide a wide range of services to domestic households and here is a brief synopsis about them as well:


This is one of the most important and most energy consuming chores in the domestic arena. Cleaning includes dusting and mopping the floors, furniture and other household items clean. This is kind of tasks usually requires time and people who are mostly corporates or are too old or are too busy with their professional careers, always find it difficult to perform this task and at the end of the day when they return home, it’s not a good feeling. But now one doesn’t have to worry as Get A Maid service is here to take care of you.

Babycare/Elderly Care

New born babies or a few month old babies always require that extra constant bit of attention like old people do. So in this fast moving life, daily attention to them is a little difficult. But not to worry as Get a Maid is here to ensure that all your duties and responsibilities are well taken care of. Be it round the clock attention or fixed hours of attention, Get a Maid has it all to ensure that everyone in the house don’t feel left out in this fast moving life.


Cooking is one of the toughest activity for daily office goers or people who are staying away from their family in a rented apartment or house. Cooking usually takes a little bit of time and today less number of people can spare to give away that much of time. Get a Maid specializes in providing amazing cooks who can come at fixed hours or stay round the clock as per your preferences to ensure that you have a wonderful homely warm cooked food whenever you return from work or somewhere.